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About Us

The love we feel for our little furry friends is immeasurable.

We started our company in 2015, caring for the dogs of family and friends and it has become a big passion for my family and I.

I was born at the foot of one of the tallest mountains in Brazil, growing up around many animals, where I developed excellent skills in interacting and communicating with them, along with the ability to read their bodies, vocal, facial, and instinctual languages.

I also Graduated from IAP College with a Degree as a Dog care owner in 2021, so for that, I can indeed say that I'm incredibly blessed to be able to work with your sweet little one.

Our job is to love and be loved.

Welcome to my Nest.

Urias’ Nest Statement


Our Mission is to provide comfort, freedom, and love to each little one that comes in so that they feel as if they are at home.


To be the most welcoming and familiar place to leave your dogs.


Family, Empathy, Love, Protection, Punctuality, Honesty.

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